Our Products

  • Elemenary/Secondary

    Bringing creativity to the classroom through this fun to use interconnections application. Randomness has never been so educational!

  • Elementary/Secondary

    The Grammar Skill-building Application That Makes Learning and Practicing Grammar, Engaging, Fun and Informative!

  • Secondary

    Some STEM concepts can be difficult to explain - and even harder to illustrate practically in-class. But krucible's virtual laboratories bring physics to life.

  • Primary/Elementary

    Follow Olly, a friendly, helpful, eager-to-please little van that always finds a way to help someone out while having lots of fun along the way.

  • Elementary/Secondary

    A multimedia tool used to create storyboards, plays, movies, publications and more in a series of titles focused on enhancing learning in different subjects.

  • Elementary/Secondary

    Students rapidly create visually rich worlds for their first-person adventure ‘missions’ - complete with sets, characters, simple dialogue and music.

  • Elementary/Secondary

    Imagine if students could experience every aspect of staging their own theatre, TV or film production - without even leaving their desk?