What They Said About Us

Rand Miller

CEO of Cyan Worlds. Designer of MYST

We are excited to see our portfolio being utilized in an innovative and rewarding way and believe that the products that are under development by idoodlesoftware will revolutionize the way students learn.

Andrea Geyer

Education Specialist NASA GCCE & VASTS

krucible is the best physics simulation software I have ever seen. There are rediscovery experiments that can be easily used as demonstration tools for teachers if they don't have equipment.

The design features are of high quality - not the limited visual quality of applets that are normally used in the US for physics education.

Teachers can use krucible to instruct in a way that students want to learn.


North Carolina

I am truly amazed at what Kar2ouche can accomplish with students...I look forward to working with you and your staff as I begin to really engage my students and faculty in an educational product I fully believe will make a difference in how teachers teach and students learn.



I am currently covering motion and friction. Using Krucible is an excellent enhancement in presenting these topics. Overall - I'd give it two thumbs up!

Bette Manchester

Executive Director MICDL

Technology without great content is empty. Innovative educational programs, like those offered by idoodlesoftware, together with technology engages students in a whole new way and helps educators deliver the very best learning experience they can.



The pupils really enjoyed using Kar2ouche. They found it easy to operate and they learned a lot not just about the Vikings but also about creating stories and presentations.