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Imagine if students could experience every aspect of staging their own theatre, TV or film production - without even leaving their desk?

3D Production Studio
For Creative Learning.

Script-writing, casting, set building, direction, lighting, audio recording, editing and camera skills: the MediaStage virtual 3D production platform delivers it all.

Media production involves understanding many different skills and roles. For this reason, mediastage is ideal for encouraging student teamwork and collaboration.


mediastage is a fully equipped, totally realistic, virtual 3D production studio. It offers students the chance to direct, experience and control every human and technical aspect of a stage or screen production. Initially designed for secondary school students, the interface is so intuitive that many elementary schools have successfully started to use mediastage too - as an engaging tool to support multi-media story telling.

How Students Use

mediastage comes with a comprehensive library of resources and tools. Students build and populate their sets, select their characters and arrange lighting and cameras using objects from the library. Character movements, lighting and cameras are in their full control. Students can:

  • Build their own 3D stage sets and experiment with staging.
  • Operate cameras and frame shots.
  • Set up lights and add special effects.
  • Direct the cast to walk, talk, and pose!
  • Import sound effects, still images, video files and background music.
  • Add virtual actors from a 3D cast and animate them using a range of gesture and movement instructions.
  • Create performances made up of a sequenced script of editable events using provided or their own narratives.
  • Save and share performances as image and movie files for uploading to the web or emailing.
  • Text-to-speech technology allows characters to speak students’ scripts, whilst an audio recording facility allows them to record their own voices - both with full character lip-synchronisation.

My group absolutely loved this software. They became so engrossed in the project that it was difficult to prise them away from it.

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