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Some science concepts can be difficult to explain - and even harder to illustrate practically in-class. But by using real-time simulation, krucible's virtual laboratories bring physics to life.

STEM software that brings
physics concepts to life...

krucible lets students see, explore and understand key science concepts that are difficult, or impossible, to illustrate in a practical real-world context. Combining virtual experiments and problem-solving challenges, krucible’s virtual laboratories dramatically illustrate the physical effect and impact of a variety of fundamental scientific phenomena.

Some of the topic areas covered include:

  • use krucible Waves to simulate a water ripple tank and explore topics including reflection and refraction.
  • krucible Energy simulates balls moving on a surface, to explore topics including gravity, friction and momentum.
  • krucible Forces simulates the weightlessly of space and the affects of forces on object motion.

  • Students can run their own virtual experiments on-screen, taking measurements and plotting results, or explore 300 prepared activities and challenges – all in real time.

fuels the mind.

krucible’s intuitive interface encourages students to explore different outcomes by changing physical variables on-screen. krucible calls on predictive reasoning, observational, estimation and dexterity skills. Since the simulations are run in real-time, the results are visible as they happen – sometimes as expected, sometimes taking students by surprise.

Over 300 Activities
and Challenges...

krucible’s virtual laboratories create a perfect environment for learning and investigation. The graphically rich, 3D simulations instantly engage pupils of all ages. Students can:

  • Use the experiments note pad to record observations.
  • Work with a team or individual learning.
  • Develop experimental method and observational skills.
  • Plot experiment data with a realtime graph plotter.
  • Experiments can be saved, replayed and shared.
  • Built-in camera to record key experimental points and include in notes.
  • Graphically rich, real-time simulation environments engage pupils of all abilities.

krucible is the best physics simulation software I have ever seen...Teachers can use krucible to instruct in a way that students want to learn.

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