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A multimedia authoring tool used to create storyboards, 3D role plays, movies, publications, animations and more in a series of titles focused on enhancing learning in a number of different subjects.

Library of 50 titles brings
almost any lesson to life...

Motivating students of all abilities, Kar2ouche not only helps them develop skills relevant to particular subject areas, it also facilitates the development of more generic thinking skills. Thus students are encouraged to know how and why as well as what. Using kar2ouche students can be encouraged to:

  • read for meaning.
  • make informed choices.
  • listen, understand and respond critically to others.
  • sequence events, organise and prioritise ideas.
  • consider alternative perspectives, interpretations and allusion.
  • consider how meanings alter when texts are adapted to different media.

  • Creative role-play, picture-making, storyboarding, animation – what better, more flexible way to help students express, explore and think about different topics and experiences?

fuels the mind.

Enabling virtual role-play, storyboarding, animation and the creation of publications kar2ouche enables every child to communicate understanding in the way most appropriate to their abilities. An open-ended tool, kar2ouche allows activities to be adapted to suit the needs of the individual learner.

Developed With Research
From Oxford University...

Thanks to the composer graphic engine (now integrated into each title), kar2ouche is intuitive and easy to use. To browse and select, place and manipulate objects is simply a mouse click. Working on-screen in sequential frames, creating stories, roleplays and animations is effortless – creativity and expression is always front-of-mind.
Students can:

  • Add characters, backgrounds and props.
  • Pose and re-size elements in 3D.
  • Develop experimental method and observational skills.
  • Import their own images.
  • Add text and thought bubbles.
  • Record voices and sounds with a 4-track audio system.
  • Sequence frames on a timeline to make animations and movies.

An astonishing piece of educational software… an almost infinite scope for creativity. Added to this its great fun to use.

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