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Learning software to create 3D computer game adventures – complete with rendered characters, special effects and audio…

Game Authoring Tool
For Creative Learning.

3D computer games provide a hugely immersive and intellectually stimulating way to encourage students to learn. Following three years of research and development collaboration with The Institute of Education (U.K.), University of London, missionmaker was released: a revolutionary new 3D games authoring platform allowing students to create and play their own games without the need for specialist programming skills.

Building Computer Games
Is Educational.

missionmaker’s ease-of-use enables students to become active producers of game narratives as opposed to passive recipients. The result is a unique world of game creation for both educationalists and students. Students – particularly disaffected ones – quickly become totally engaged. For teachers this motivation provides a route to wider learning.

How Students Use

missionaker lets students rapidly create visually rich worlds for their first-person adventure ‘missions’ - complete with sets, animated characters, simple dialogue and music. Students can:

  • Create multi-threaded game narratives.
  • Import their own music, graphics and videos.
  • Create and animate 3D characters with superior rendering, movement and spoken dialogue.
  • Select elements from an extensive object library to create personalised environments for players to explore.
  • Set rules for game play - award points, scores and multimedia rewards to engage players.

missionmaker has exceeded our expectations. It enables children to create extensive game worlds.

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