A Little Bit About Us

idoodlesoftware inc. is committed to globally bringing technology to the classroom. Through easy to use and fun technologies that can help educators better address learning needs now and into the future.

Where Did We Come From?

We may have been founded in 2008 but our technology pedigree goes back 25 years. Our executives have been responsible for products being sold into six of seven continents and even into outer space with products on the Space Station.

Our educational software offering has had just as an impressive history with sales to over 8,000 schools representing 4,000,000 students throughout Europe.

Where Are We Going?

We believe the integration of technology into the classroom is an inevitable transition in the way that education is delivered and that the inclusion of video games is, not only a proven effective tool as the conduit but also engages students in a way traditional lessons can not.

This, along with the immediate data feedback to the teachers gives the education system a new strategy for delivering a quality, engaging and fulfilling product that will better serve the students, of today and tomorrow, we call "digital natives".