• The Winners of the 2014 Cubes In Space

    MPAC Group Top Design Award

    Enterprising Students From Northgate College, Trinidad and Tobago Win the Inaugural Title with "Ionization Investigation".
  • Products In Over 8,000 Schools

    Representing Over 4,000,000 Students

    The future of the classroom has to be intuitive, collaborative, predictive, adaptive and fun. Sensory stimulation will need to be available on all levels to increase literacy and retention from grade to grade and year to year. The use of appropriate video games is the key to success.

  • Legendary Products

    with an educational twist.

    Legendary products, during their own time, have a way of changing people's lives. We believe that these same products will have similar impact on student's lives as we integrate them into today's school environments and curricula.

  • So what are you waiting for...

    idoodlesoftware ...because learning should be fun!

    "Technology without great content is empty. Innovative educational programs, like those offered by idoodlesoftware, together with technology engages students in a whole new way and helps educators deliver the very best learning experience they can."

Preschool/Elementary School

Learning is exploring. We understand and embrace that philosophy by designing and building engaging, entertaining and safe educational tools that help develop young minds, because learning should be fun!

Secondary School

We understand the importance of not only keeping students in class but also preparing them for their lives after secondary school. We develop engaging educational tools that keep students interested.

Custom Applications

Whether for higher education or for corporate training, idoodlsoftware can design and develop a customized education software solution that will be not only functional but fun as well.