idoodlesoftware Supplies Innovative STEM Education Software To Virginia Space Grant Consortium

Leading Edge Educators at NASA-Based STEM Program Adopt Award Winning Educational Software.

Ottawa, Ontario - June 27, 2011 - idoodlesoftware inc., an education software company offering innovative solutions to bridge the gap between traditional and digital learning, announces that it has signed an agreement to supply the Virginia Space Grant Consortium with the award winning STEM software, krucible®, to be used in the NASA-based educational program for high school students in Virginia.

The groundbreaking krucible software lets students see, explore and understand key science concepts that are difficult, or impossible, to illustrate in a practical real-world context. But by combining over 300 virtual experiments and problem-solving challenges, krucible's virtual laboratories dramatically illustrate the physical effect and impact of a variety of fundamental scientific phenomena that are important to STEM studies.

"idoodlesoftware is honored to be working with the Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholars (VASTS) program and helping students forge new scientific careers for the future. The integration of krucible into the VASTS program has proven that this intuitive software is advanced enough to satisfy the rigorous requirements of the aerospace secondary school academy", says Robert Sowah, Chief Executive Officer of idoodlesoftware inc. "We are privileged to be working with such a remarkable group of educators at the Virginia Space Grant Consortium lead by its trail blazing director, Mary Sandy, who understands and believes the importance of offering high quality, state of the art, engaging digital tools to best teach complex scientific concepts to students."

"Krucible has already been integrated into our summer academy curriculum and it is now being embedded in our 2012 online course as well," said Amber Agee-DeHart, VASTS Program Manager. "We particularly like the comprehensive simulations in krucible which act like an interactive encyclopedia, with concept examples and virtual experiments running to visually demonstrate the scientific theory to the student. In this case, seeing is understanding. "

"Krucible is the best physics simulation software I have ever seen. There are rediscovery experiments that can be easily used as demonstration tools for teachers if they don't have equipment. The design features are of high quality - not the limited visual quality of applets that are normally used in the US for physics education", said Andrea Geyer, VASTS Education Specialist, "Teachers can use krucible to instruct in a way that students want to learn."

The new idoodlesoftware portfolio of educational software, which is installed in over 8,000 schools representing 4,000,000 students, advances core curriculum studies in both primary and secondary schools by focusing on STEM, literacy, history, social science with titles including krucible®, kar2ouche®, missionmakerTM and mediastage®.