idoodlesoftware inc. and Omnicademy LLC. Sign Global Strategic Partnering Agreement to Revolutionize eLearning Education Delivery

Innovative Companies Partner to Change the Way Digital Education Will be Delivered Forever.

Ottawa, Ontario and Baton Rouge, Louisiana - August 31, 2011 - idoodlesoftware inc., an education software company offering innovative solutions to bridge the gap between traditional and digital learning, and Omnicademy LLC, developer of the world's first syndication platform for universities and colleges, announced today the execution of a global Strategic Partnering Agreement.

Omnicademy was born out of necessity in a university environment where there was a strong need to bring to market new courses and also to have students collaborate and share expertise with their peers. Early experiments found that the students preferred to form study and discussion groups thus connecting with their peers taking the same class, regardless of where geographically that class originated, or which schools the students attended. Students connected across institutional boundaries in the familiar way they communicated with friends and family - social media. Omnicademy formalized that structure by allowing students and faculty to share their information globally thus giving faculties greater reach to interested, capable students. Omnicademy allows institutions to maximize their educational resources by accessing more students with a greater efficiency of communication.

Expanding on this revolutionary concept, idoodlesoftware will utilize its educational expertise and technology library to develop a platform for the global K-12 marketplace. For the first time, students will be able to attend and integrate into another classroom across the street or around the world. By utilizing key components from idoodlesoftware, OmnicademyK12 will allow students anywhere to participate in virtual global classes, draw upon a course archive of videos, and have real-time, anytime communication with teaching assistants, class peers and project partners.

...delivering to the primary and secondary school markets a product that will remove the geographical boundaries of physical classrooms and expand the global reach of digital education."

"idoodlesoftware, by partnering with Omnicademy, will be revolutionizing the way digital education is delivered to primary and secondary schools globally," said Robert Sowah, Chief Executive Officer of idoodlesoftware inc. "We are thrilled that Omnicademy has chosen idoodlesoftware to be their strategic K-12 partner. The extraordinary solution that has been developed by Omnicademy for the post secondary market will now, in combination with technology from idoodlesoftware, enjoy great success is the global K-12 market, which includes over 1.5 billion school age children".

"Omnicademy is excited to be partnering with idoodlesoftware in the development of this new global market," said Dr. Stacey Simmons, Chief Executive Officer of Omnicademy LLC. "With their international team of education experts, global products and world-wide customer base, idoodlesoftware is focused on delivering comprehensive K-12 solutions, all of which will be instrumental in delivering to the primary and secondary school markets a product that will remove the geographical boundaries of physical classrooms and expand the global reach of digital education."

The Strategic Partner Agreement will allow idoodlesoftware and Omnicademy access to each other's library of technology to build new and revolutionary products that will deliver digital education to the global education market. The focus for idoodlesoftware will be on primary and secondary schools while Omnicademy will center their attention on post-secondary educational institutions and professional training.