idoodlesoftware inc. Signs Exclusive Educational Licensing Agreement With Cyan Worlds For MYST Franchise

Innovative Education Software Company Brings the World’s Best Known Video Game Portfolio to the Classroom.

Ottawa, Ontario – July 12, 2011 – idoodlesoftware inc., an education software company offering innovative solutions to bridge the gap between traditional and digital learning, announced that it has signed an exclusive, global licensing agreement with Cyan Worlds, Inc. to bring the award winning MYST franchise, and other titles, to the classroom.

The Cyan Worlds portfolio of video games includes The Manhole, Cosmic Osmo and the hugely successful MYST franchise that contains, the best selling video game of the 20th century - MYST, as well as Riven and URU, which combined, have sold tens of millions of copies globally on numerous platforms including the Apple® iPhone®.

“Academic research has repeatedly shown that the use of video games in the classroom reengages students in learning. And MYST is the perfect video game to integrate into our new educational software, because of the way it combines non-violent, non-aggressive exploration and puzzle solving with beautiful artwork scenes, making it appealing to both students and teachers”, said Robert Sowah, Chief Executive Officer of idoodlesoftware inc. “By augmenting the traditional classroom lesson with fun, collaborative and educational games, students have the ability to learn at their own pace, both at school or at index. By working with the team at Cyan, we will be bringing a whole new educational classroom experience that will better prepare the students for the digital world ahead.”

“Since the founding of Cyan Worlds over 24 years ago, we have always believed that the use of digital games in the classroom was a way to connect to students who are digital natives”, said Rand Miller, Chief Executive Officer of Cyan Worlds Inc. “We are excited to see our portfolio being utilized in an innovative and rewarding way and believe that the products that are under development by idoodlesoftware will revolutionize the way students learn.”

idoodlesoftware is currently developing several new products based on the Cyan portfolio, which will be released in the near future.