Sentence Connections: Parts of Speech

The Grammar Skill-building Application That Makes Learning and Practicing Grammar, Fun!

Building the connections between grammar concepts.

Sentence Connections equips teachers with a flexible and adaptable online tool to provide an engaging, student-centered learning environment for reinforcing grammar and creative writing instruction.

For students, Sentence Connections provides fun and novel opportunities to apply what they are learning in their language arts course. The app helps students to learn how to connect thoughts and ideas to words, connects their written to verbal communication skills, and expands their range of words and phrases.

By incorporating the element of chance, students are surprised with randomly generated words from which they will create new words, clauses, phrases, or even sentences.

  • Used with any age group
  • Promotes organization of thought
  • Catalyst for creative writing
  • Catalyst for expression of thought
  • Supports active learning environments
  • Supports differentiated instruction
  • Reinforces learning of grammar concepts
  • Student-centered learning
  • Builds on previous knowledge and experiences

Randomization Promotes

Sentence Connections uses a cognitive grammar approach that helps students learn how words and phrases can be moved around and altered to create specific expressions of thought or ideas. Cognition encompass the acts or mental processes involved in gaining knowledge and comprehension that occur through thinking, learning, remembering, evaluating and problem solving. Cognition focuses on thought patterns and how to form and maintain ideas. Cognitive skills are the underlying processes that allow us to think, remember and learn. Perception, memory and attention are crucial aspects to developing grammar skills.

With Sentence Connections, educators have an exciting option of how to guide students to develop the capacity to build knowledge and become more creative writers and adept communicators.

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