Creativity Plus!

The application that generates creativity!

Building the connections between concepts.

idoodlegenerator equips teachers with a flexible and adaptable online tool to allow for creative, novel and imaginative ways to deliver content and instruction - or even to conduct assessment.This awesome app can be used in just about any course with any age group!

  • Student-centered learning
  • Used with any age group
  • Promotes organization of thought
  • Supports active learning environments
  • Catalyst for expression of thought
  • Supports differentiated instruction
  • Reinforces learning of concepts
  • Builds on previous knowledge and experiences

idoodlegenerator assists teachers in guiding students to make stronger connections between content and concepts being learned and also providing choices to students of how they demonstrate understanding and their depth of knowledge.

Randomization Promotes

By incorporating the element of chance, students are surprised with randomly generated words, topics or concepts of which they will begin to see connections or relationships emerge. The app helps students to learn how to connect their thoughts and ideas to content being learned, connects their written to verbal communication skills, and expands their range of understanding.

With idoodlegenerator, educators have an exciting option of how to guide students to develop the capacity to build knowledge and become more creative thinkers and adept communicators. Creative thinking employs the identification of connections that are not easily apparent between things. Identifying similar characteristics between seemingly different items is part of analysis, an important higher order thinking skill needing to be developed no matter what the course, subject or circumstance.

Benefits For Everyone


Advantage Benefit
Are engaged in active versus passive learning, drive their own learning process Become more self-motivated learners
- -
Understand and analyze connections between what they are learning on a deeper Take a concept and develop a work product that demonstrates understanding
- -
Work collaboratively and communicate with peers to discuss content connections Learn to justify and defend opinions and points of view appropriately


Advantage Benefit
Become facilitators and guide the students' learning process Have more time to work directly with students Have more flexibility and creativity in how to deliver content
- -
Inject the element of chance and fun into any lesson or subject Have more flexibility and creativity in how to deliver content
- -
Teach for deeper meaning and understanding Have great options for conducting formal or informal assessment

idoodlesoftware builds programs and tools to not only engage the students minds in creative ways but also brings the excitement back to the classroom for the teachers

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